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Back pump .. #rebound #gym #muscle #bodybuilding #gymtime #shredded #ripped #gains

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I placed 3rd at my first international contest Olympia Amateur San Marino under 100kg weightclass. I want to thank my girlfriend @oana.amalia.m not only for being by my side everyday. But mostly for believing in me more than i do. 4months ago, competing was just a thought. Preparation with @thedorianyates was nothing more than a dream which i never thought will happen. But there she stands saying to me: 'why not?' @oana.amalia.m you made everything sound so simple and achievable. You strengthened my insecure thoughts and made them happen. I think this is the way a relationship should be. I confess that sometimes i'm really selfish, especially during prep and this is a hard thing to understand and accept. I am truly lucky! ๐Ÿ™ˆ I want to thank @thedorianyates not only for the informations and advices, but mostly for getting involved in my prep. For truly being with me in this and not treating me in a superficial way. I also want to thank @dynutrition for the supplements i received and proudly used in the last weeks of prep (TEMPRO truly has the best flavour of them all, and there's no doubt about the quality ๐Ÿ’ฏ) I want to thank @ibodybuildingsuplimente for being supplements i used in the first part of the prep and the financial support which is rare these days. I want to thank @lafamiliaworldwide and @mdsergiofernandez for the good words and encouragement, for the help i received during my time in Marbella, never been treated better by people who don't even know me ๐Ÿ’ช #contest #bodybuilding #gym #muscle #prep #gains #shredded #gains #dywarrior #dyproud

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I never had a trainer before, i used to do it all by myself lately. I took some advices on diet when i was a junior from other bodybuilding friends but i've never been at 100%. For this prep i told myself: if i will have someone to work with, will be the best in this sport or no one. I am fortunate and I'm having 6x Mr. O Dorian Yates by my side for the last 14 weeks of prep. I was already training DY HIT style for 3 years. I read most of his articles and interviews on MD, i watched every interview on youtube. I already had an idea how my prep will look like. Guess what? Was not a single article i read and didn't apply in my approach as it was written. No bullshit. Beside he is the best bodybuilder who ever lived (best placings in contest which is not a coincidence) his mindset is what i was aiming for more than anything. ๐Ÿ‘Œ#dynutrition #dyhit #bodybuilding #gym #lifestyle #gains #muscle #density #grainy

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Practicing posing with the best @thedorianyates #prep #contest #gymtime #posing #dywarrior #dynutrition #muscle #bodybuilding

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A post shared by Dan Cristian (@dan.cristian1) on

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